Your vision, my visuals—virtually seamless

It’s a big, awe-inspiring world out there, and capturing it all in astonishing, eye-opening digital clarity is what keeps me motivated to challenge myself every day. You have a certain look in mind for your project, and I have a knack for helping you bring it to life. This collaborative process is one of my favorite parts of the gig.

I started out as a 35mm still life photographer with training in Ansel Adams’ zone system, and innumerable hours logged in a chemical darkroom. The modern marvels of Photoshop and DSLR have revolutionized the visual industry, but there’s simply no replacement for cutting your teeth with actual film stock.

I bring an artist’s eye and a technician’s steady hand to your project, whether for TV, music video, short film or still work. Call me a cinematographer or director of photography if you’re into job titles. I call it pursuing my life’s work.

To bring a fresh new look—and the nimble, well-caffeinated crew of preferred subcontractors I work with—to your next production, check out my past work and get in touch soon.